who i am

Gator Studio 920x520


I was born in Reutte, Tyrol, Austria, which is a spectacular place to be. That might be the reason, why I live here, today. Between now and then, I came around quite a bit, only to end up in the same old spot I started from. All’s well that ends well, I guess – even though I am far from ending at this point.

I was taken to the US at age six, my mother’s side of the family lives there. Loved it, still do. I went back and forth and South and North, wanted to learn to play the guitar in between, had to learn the piano instead. Hated it. Taught myself to play the guitar on my Dad’s acoustic. HE hated it. So he bought me one, worst piece of wood ever made ! 

I then got me an Ibanez electric axe with my first self owned money and practiced like crazy.
Those were the 80’s, man, that was the mission. With Van Halen and all.

Got pretty decent at it, but found myself stranded in Austria (which is NOT a good place for a musician unless you live in the 18th century and are a fricking genius), so I packed my bags and went back to the US to study at the Berklee College of Music in Boston.

Played in various bands with all kinds of musicians, some of them you might probably have heard of. Came back to Austria, started to write a Rock-Opera with my buddy Andi. Now for an opera, you´re in need of a classical piano player. We did not know one. At least nobody cool.
Long story short, I started playing again and really, really began enjoying it. And I still am.

Worked several years for a company as a composer, learned a crapload about music business. I also learned the technical side of movies like color grading, encoding, motion design, editing and all things necessary to make a movie, that was a good thing. And then I learned about people…

Things got ugly for a while and my life took a turn right down into the dumpster, I was so depressed, I could not even LISTEN to music for more than two years.

It took me a while before I did get back into the sunlight, but here I am, staying. Bought myselves a camera, learned how to fly drones and figured out gimbals. Founded the „BernieGator mediafactory“, the term references to „manufactory“ –  a place where things are manufactured from the very start until finish, no external sources involved. All from one hand.

I love making movies. I love to get up before sunrise to catch the best light, I love to compose music in my head while I am filming, I love the fact that I can pause in the middle of an edit because I need a quiet piano part with a violin to set in  – and being able to compose and master that part right away.

I love playing guitar or the piano, I love to conduct a whole orchestra in my studio and I love when everything comes together in the end.